Written by Charles Ferrell

You may have received information stating that Medicare supplement Plan F is going away as of December 31, 2019. Let me reassure you, If you currently have a Medicare supplement Plan F, it is not going away and is guaranteed renewable as long as you pay the plans premiums.

What has changed however, is that newly eligible Medicare beneficiaries, defined as those eligible for Medicare beginning in January of 2020, will not be able to purchase a Plan F Medicare supplement.

Plan G could be a choice for you to save money. It has the exact same medical coverage as Plan F but you would be responsible for the yearly $185 Part B deductible. In order to qualify, you would have to pass the medical underwriting questions Currently, now you just show your Plan F supplement card and all Medicare approved charges are covered (peace of mind).

If you would like more explainion or discuss your options, please contact me and I will be happy to help you

Sincerely Sheri

It’s Summer Now But AEP is around the corner


It is almost here! No I am not talking about Christmas,  it is almost open enrollment time. Most company insurance, Medicare and the Independent Markets will all be asking you this question. Are you happy with what you have or do you want to change. Need help?…. There are no stupid questions in the coming days I will post about deferring Medicare, HSA creditable coverage and penalties. Stay tuned


The Beginning

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