SHERI, Yes, You Are on the AIR!


Live long, prosper greatly!

There is no Place like this PLACE.

This place is like NO PLACE!





Call me, I have a much smaller to do list and will talk you ear off!

Just me and my Mom, number #7 grandson and ALL smiles.

My grandson, Ollie, at age 6 months along side my mother Bernice, also 6 months old. Bernice is actually Ollie’s Great Grand Mother. A separation of 110 years. – JOHNIMG_0433

My Nymph is almost as beautiful as Warren Messer’s shown here below. I plan on looking into Warren Messerabouts (Meetings with Warren) scheduled 60 days ahead, each at various locations throughout the western USA.

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The Beginning

This site is a work in progress and I am a self taught web designer to add to my other career choices. My husband is always correcting my spelling so I am sure that spellcheck did not save me from all errors. So grace please !!

Nice job! – ED