Medicare 101 classes

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Hope you are all well and enjoying the last of our sub 100 degree weather.
I need your help, Are you turning 65 or have friends or children that will be turning 65 soon? I am putting on Medicare 101 classes for anyone who is turning 65, especially if they plan to keep working there are things that need to be done to avoid penalties . Is your group plan worth keeping? Do you understand COBRA ? Also going over extra help and understand all options in Medicare..
There are 2 more dates one is TOMORROW morning 9:30 am at the Humana Guidance center next to Frys on Recker and Mckellips. The other is on Wednesday May 30 at 5:30pm at the Iora Primary care on Ellsworth and Main. Please spread the word for me you are my BEST asset!!
Please share and follow to get the word out….
Any questions or needs just give me a call
Sincerely Sheri

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